mini box ouzaki

The greek zen!

Ouzo is a traditional Greek alcoholic beverage.
Its main ingredient is anise, from which it derives its distinctive aroma.
It is said that ouzo has been produced in a similar fashion since ancient times.
Distillation is done in special stills (boilers), made of copper.
Ouzo ideally accompanies varieties of Greek appetizers called “meze”. On the islands or in coastal areas, ouzo is often enjoyed with seafood.
When in the mountains, it is served with sausages, pickles and other spicy and savory dishes.

The box contains:
– Ouzo from Mitilini, 100% distilled with crystal clarity.
– High quality sardines from the North Aegean Sea, preservatives free.
– Green olives from Chalkidiki

The serving suggestion.

Ouzo is served in a narrow and tall glass, ideally with lots of ice cubes or cold water. When water is added, ouzo turns white due to the anise it contains.

TIP. Ouzo can also be served as a refreshing aperitif before meals.

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