kafedakicarry on board

The greek break time!

The history of coffee in Greece traces back to the Turkish occupation. The Greeks of Istanbul and Northern Greece were the first to add coffee to their daily lives. Since 1760 the habit of drinking coffee has spread to the rest of Greece. Until the early 20th century, traditional Greek cafes (“kafenia”) not only served coffee to their clients, but also sold freshly ground coffee for consumption at home.
Greek coffee is prepared in a special coffee pot called “Briki”*.

The box contains:
-Authentic Greek coffee from Heraklion Crete.
-Handmade loukoumi (Greek delight) with cinnamon and orange, made of pure ingredients of high quality.
-1 coffee pot (briki).
-2 greek coffee type cups.

All this accompanied by an easy recipe to live the Greek way experience at it’s best.

Greek coffee is served with a thick foam, which is created when the coffee is boiled, and usually in a small cup, in one of following ways:

  • Neat (75 ml water + 1tsp coffee)
  • Medium (75 ml water + 1 tsp sugar + 1tsp coffee)
  • Sweet (75 ml water + 2 tsp sugar + 1tsp coffee)

The famous beverage

Put water in the “Briki”* to warm, add the sugar and coffee and stir.
When the coffee starts to rise, remove it from the heat before it comes to a boil in order not spoil the foam on top.

TIP. Greek coffee is ideally accompanied by traditional Greek loukoumi delights.

*”Briki” is suitable only for gas stove